18 January 2017

Skincare For Men, Manly men.

Ok, I know my blog is for moms but chances are, if you're a mom, you have a husband, partner, brother, dad, or teenaged son who might need a word of advice in the skincare department. Just don't forget, only give advice if they asked you for it.

Anyway, I wanted to write this because I know most guys care about their skin (as much as they say they don't). I mean, most of them can't wear make-up to cover it up and it IS the first thing people see. This is mostly an issue single men worry about and it's also common for men with acne to seek skincare advice. I find it hilarious that some men want us to think they don't care about their appearance. Whatever the reason may be, here are a few tips (I promise I won't tell anyone you read this):

DON'T wash your face with soap. I know, sounds ironic but it's true. As oily and dirty as your skin may or may not be, soap is horrible for your face and will make any skin problem you have, including acne, worse.

DON'T use crazy harsh acne face-washes, "lotions", soaked pads, gels, etc. That stuff NEVER works. I don't care what the label says or the commercial with the hot girl tells you, it will strip the outer layers of your skin and cause your skin to produce more oil and it certainly won't cure acne.

DON'T touch your face!
Stop pinching, popping and man-handling your face. The skin on your face can easily be scarred or marked and you won't like it.

DO USE NATURAL PRODUCTS like coconut oil or the Plexus lotion sold here to moisturize & protect your face

DO use a gentle cleanser like diluted Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild (dilute? dilute! ok!) to remove oil & dirt after the gym or a long day.

DO avoid eating junk food! come on, guys. I know you can do better than Taco Bell for dinner. It's worth the effort.

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